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Northwest eats on top of Queen Anne

Going solo for the first time can be scary, especially when you miss the high note on Everything's Alright, and everyone's like, see, I knew he'd be a crappy Mary Magdalene. For a solo chef attempting to hit all the high notes, check out Emmer&Rye, opening today. The first solitary resto from the former Exec Chef at Stumbling Goat and head of the Seattle Chefs Collaborative, E&R is "celebrating the bounty of the Pacific Northwest" by serving up a seasonal menu made w/ hyper-local ingredients, from a turn of the century styled converted Victorian (so... Victor?). The large plate deliciousness includes beef (Ribs w/ carrots/Brussel sprouts/black truffle-ozette puree), pork (Cider Braised Shoulder w/ root veg/collards), seafood (Grilled Salmon w/ delicato squash/Oregon shrimp/black kale, spinach/cream/grilled ciabatta Oyster Pan Roast), and veggie dishes like the Gathered Mushroom Tart w/ leeks, spinach, pears and a goat cheese, which despite its flavors, just isn't as good as Method Man's G.O.A.T. Cheese. There're also starters like Farro Fries, and Artisanal Cheese w/ apricot bread & mosto cotto; as well as small plates ranging from bacon/smoked porter mignonette Shucked Oysters, to pork belly w/ heirloom beans/chicories, to seared tuna, beets, and sunchokes, which're best performed by Homer Simpson. If you just want to libate, their industry vet helm'd bar slings a WA heavy selection of red & white wines, and specialty 'tails like the rye/brandy/sweet vermouth/absinthe/bitters Rye-se & Shine, and a Voyager gin/Campari/ruby red grapefruit & muddled lemons Pitchfork, that's sure to give you the buzz, even if no one'll tell you what's happening.