Queen Anne gets all lounge-y

As Goldilocks proved, sometimes it takes a little experimentation before you find the thing that's just right, although you still probably shouldn't go around breaking a bear's chairs and eating their porridge, especially if you're not even going to like 2/3 of it. For a resto that's finally found its own comfort zone, check Flow Lounge

From a woman who's owned the space for awhile, first using it for fine-dining (Opal), then more casual (Opal Bistro), FL is her latest, most satisfying idea: a sultry split level lounge trimmed w/ blond wood and Japanese opal (!), and boasting a low-slung leather-furniture filled main room wrapped around an elevated bar, which despite its solid build, is still easier to get through than the Cali one. The menu's got a meaty selection of entrees (Rib Eye Steak w/ sauteed mushrooms, cucumber/onion/spicy aioli Lemongrass Pork Sandwich) but is built around "small bites" ranging from fennel crusted Seared Scallops, and marinated crab/prawn/pork/yogurt Seafood Cakes, to Pesto Fries, deep fried wonton/spinach Salmon Rolls, and chicken/vegetable stuffed Pot Stickers that look really cool on a Trapper Keeper. They've also got specialty 'tails (the Stoli Black Cherry Lemonade, the Absolut/fresh grapefruit/Campari/splash of bubbly Ruby Red Fizz), and martinis like the gin/Strega/lemon-lime/orange twist Witchcraft, and the Absolut/aquavit/vermouth Screaming Viking, which you can turn into a Whining Seahawk by adding a dash of Steve Hutchinson

Flow's also got a daily happy hour featuring drink specials on wine, drafts, and wells, plus Garlic fries, Hot Peppered Beef, and Mini Cheeseburgers all for under $5 -- preferable to eating porridge, even if you do get three bowls of varying temperature.