Creepy Crawly Worm Jello Shots

Matthew Kelly/Supercall

It’s aliiiiiiiiive! OK, not really, but these wiggly worms look so realistic, they’re guaranteed to frighten anyone with a fear of anything creepy or crawly. Making these critters doesn’t require a special mold; all you need is a jar, bendy straws and patience. If people can get over their disgusting appearance, these worms actually taste like a delicious Rum and Coke-flavored dessert. Serve in a bowl with a spoon, or on a platter filled with crushed-up Oreos to resemble dirt. Be sure to save a few to dangle in front of your most bug-phobic friend’s face, then cackle as they run screaming out the door.



  • .5 Cup Rum
  • 2.5 cups Coca-Cola
  • 3 packets unflavored gelatin
  • .5 Cup heavy whipping cream
  • Approx. 100 straws


Step one

Boil Coca-Cola and add gelatin, stirring until completely dissolved.

Step two

Add rum, and stir again.

Step three

Chill in fridge for about 30 minutes. While the mixture is chilling, stretch out bendy straws so that the bendy part is fully extended.

Step four

Place straws in tall Mason jar or clean milk carton. The higher the container comes up on the straw, the longer the worms will be. You can put a rubber band around the bundle of straws to secure it better if the straws threaten to tip over.

Step five

Remove mixture from fridge, add whipping cream and stir.

Step six

Slowly pour mixture into the jar through the straws. Focus on pouring into one straw in the center.

Step seven

Chill in the fridge overnight.

Step eight

Here’s where the patience comes in. Set aside about an hour to remove the worms from the straw molds. Pull straws out from the jar individually, briefly run under warm water to help them release, then use your thumbs to squeeze the worms out into a serving bowl. Squeeze from top to bottom; it’s OK if a few split in half. If this keeps happening, run straws under warm water again.  

Step nine

Return freed worms to fridge to chill, then serve.

Contributed by Supercall