Amaretto Coffee

Marisa Chafetz / supercall

Coffee, dessert and booze—these are the three things we love most in the world, and an amaretto-spiked coffee provides all of them in perfect harmony. The warm mug of booze is perfect sipped after dinner as a nightcap, before dinner (because we do love dessert before dinner), or as a post-lunch midday dessert, aka the best pick-me-up ever. The sweet liqueur rounds the coffee’s edges and coaxes the sweeter and nuttier notes out of the bitter beans. As much as we love any type of spiked coffee, the hot beverage tends to highlight the rougher edges of a spirit. Unlike the straight whiskey in an Irish Coffee, amaretto doesn’t add too much alcoholic heat to the drink. It instead creates a creamy body and comforting, soul-restoring warmth. Be sure to choose a quality brand of amaretto like Lazzaroni or Disaronno for the absolute best results. A topping of whipped cream may not seem absolutely necessary, but we can assure you that it completes the indulgent drinking experience (because you’re worth it).

Amaretto Coffee

Sweet, Dry



Step one

Add amaretto to a mug.

Step two

Top with prepared coffee.

Step three

Garnish with whipped cream, and serve.

Contributed by Supercall

Mix It Up!

If you prefer the balance of coffee and cocktail to tip more towards the boozy side, feel free to supplement the amaretto with an additional hard liquor. Brandy adds a sweet fruitiness to the drink along with more substantial caramel tones, while dark rum or blackstrap rum would add a thick molasses flavor to the drink. Either way, be careful with how much you add—too much could make your enticingly bittersweet coffee taste like a hot glass of gasoline. Split the two ounces of amaretto into an even ounce each of amaretto and your spirit of choice.