B-52 Shot

If you didn’t already have “Love Shack” stuck in your head, get ready. Created in the 1970s by a bartender/B-52’s superfan, this eye-catching drink isn’t your typical shooter. It’s one of the few surviving members of a category of layered drinks known as pousse cafés, which translates to “coffee pushers.” Pousse cafés are meant to be sipped alongside coffee, layer by layer, but this drink is often taken like any other shot—in one swift go. So throw on “Love Shack” (or “Rock Lobster” if you, like this drink’s creator, are a real die-hard fan) and get your fill of guilty pleasures.



  • Kahlua
  • Baileys
  • Grand Marnier


Step one

Fill one-third of a shot glass with Kahlua.

Step two

Layer Baileys on top of the Kahlua.

Step three

Layer the Grand Marnier on top of the Baileys.

Step four


Contributed by Supercall

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