Aladdin Sane

Matthew Kelly / Supercall

The first bar program Waites Laseter ran in New Orleans was at a ramen restaurant, where the strongest spirit behind the bar was sake. “How do I make sake into something interesting?” he asked himself. The first iteration of this Sake Martini-esque cocktail was the result. Since then, it has followed him to Root, where he now makes it with creamy unfiltered nigori sake that he infuses with blood oranges, sweet-savory rosemary syrup, dry curaçao and a little vodka—to kick the ABV up a bit. Laseter torches the rosemary garnish tableside, filling the air with the aroma of rosemary and raised phones, as people Snapchat the fiery show.

Aladdin Sane




Step one

Add all ingredients save for the garnishes to a shaker and shake with ice.

Step two

Double strain into a coupe or Marie Antoinette glass.

Step three

Garnish with a blood orange twist and a torched rosemary sprig.

Contributed by Waites Laseter