Violet Beauregarde

Matthew Kelly/Supercall

In this fruity take on a Whiskey Sour, husband and wife duo Heather Heuser and Jason Marcus of Brooklyn’s Traif infuse scotch with fresh blueberries. “Scotch is a nice, strong spirit that can hold up nicely when infusing with fruit,” says Heuser. “Blueberry is a great fruit because it’s tart and sweet, so it’s already a nicely balanced element to add into cocktails.” Heuser mixes the infusion with fresh lemon and creamy orgeat—a nutty syrup made here with toasted pistachios instead of almonds for a richer flavor. “Together they work well in smoothing out some of the rough edges of the scotch,” Heuser says. A few sprays of crème de violette give the cocktail a subtle hint of florality and, of course, another wink to the ill-fated Willy Wonka character for whom the drink is named.

Violet Beauregarde

Sweet, Sour



Contributed by Heather Heuser and Jason Marcus