Delorean Door Fishbowl

Matthew Kelly / Supercall

If you still believe there exists an impenetrable wall in the drinks world between precision-obsessed cocktail bars and freewheeling party spots, consider the Delorean Door at Sink|Swim in Chicago. The big batch drink arrives in a fun-loving fishbowl, but the first taste will immediately betray the cocktail craft within.

According to bar manager Sean McNeilly, the bar team began with the classic Sour formula, injecting punch-appropriate fun with strawberry syrup. Black tea-infused bourbon offsets the fruity sweetness with dry herbal flavor, amplified by sour lemon juice. But the real secret to the drink’s complexity is the heaping portion of Peychaud’s bitters. “I’m a big fan of using lots of bitters in a drink,” McNeilly says. “People identify Peychaud’s with a Sazerac, but they don’t realize it works really well with fruity flavors, especially when you up the amount you’re using.” The (Delorean) door is open, come on in.

Delorean Door Fishbowl




Step one

Combine all ingredients save for the garnishes in a fishbowl and stir.

Step two

Fill three-fourths of the way to the top with ice.

Step three

Add garnishes and stir again, briefly, to chill.

Step four

Add straws and serve.

Contributed by Sean McNeilly