Brandy Old Fashioned

Marisa Chafetz / Supercall

Before the Great French Wine Blight in the late 19th century (when aphids destroyed much of France’s grapes) rum and Cognac reigned supreme in American bars—not whiskey. Drinks like the Mint Julep and the Old Fashioned (which was more of a New Fashioned at the time) were served with a healthy measure of French Cognac. To replicate the original cocktail (which, oddly enough, is still the most common way to make the drink in Wisconsin), we created this recipe. Made with brandy (or Cognac), a rich simple syrup (or a gomme syrup), and Angostura bitters, this classic cocktail is regal, rich and decadently delicious. For the best results, we recommend using an overproof Cognac like Louis Royer Force 53, a higher end Cognac like Hine, or any craft, American brandy like Copper & King.

Brandy Old Fashioned




Step one

Add the rich simple syrup, bitters and brandy to a mixing glass.

Step two

Add large ice cubes. Stir.

Step three

Using a julep strainer, strain the cocktail into a chilled lowball glass.

Step four

Add one large cube of ice and garnish with a brandied cherry.

Contributed by Supercall