The Yellow Line

Matthew Kelly/Supercall

Created by cocktail consultant Natalie Jacob for The Archer in Jersey City, New Jersey, The Yellow Line demonstrates turmeric’s ability to bridge the gap between sweet, sour and spicy flavors. It starts off with a healthy dose of Avuá Oak, a barrel-aged cachaça, then builds on the spirit’s rich, vegetal flavor with tart lemon juice, spicy ginger and a beautifully complex honey-turmeric syrup. “Drinking alcohol may not be the healthiest for us when consumed in excess, but pairing it with healthy things—like turmeric, honey, cayenne and lemon—definitely takes the guilt out,” Jacob says, noting that those ingredients are also commonly used in detox drinks. “Can we detox and get a buzz at the same time?” she asks. Probably not, but at the very least this cocktail is a feat of balance and flavor.

Sweet, Sour



Contributed by Natalie Jacob

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