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Matthew Kelly / Supercall

Chicory coffee is a New Orleans specialty that was a practicality rather than a delicacy during war times. People mixed coffee with roasted and ground chicory root—found at the base of the endive plant—out of necessity, and it just kinda stuck. The resulting flavor is bitter and tobacco-y and conjures up memories of beignet breakfasts in the Big Easy. Created by mixologists Phil Khanderish and Reza Esmali for NOLA’s Maypop, this cocktail mixes French pressed, iced chicory coffee with nutty aged tequila. The saffron-infused cream was a personal touch by the Persian barmen. If you don’t have the time or equipment to make the saffron-infused whipped cream, the regular homemade stuff will do just fine.

Silk Road Cafe

Bitter, Sweet



Step one

Add all the ingredients, save for the cream, to a shaker tin with ice.

Step two

Shake and strain into a highball glass.

Step three

Top with the saffron-infused cream.

Contributed by Phil Khanderish and Reza Esmali