Clacson Stinger

Marisa Chafetz / Supercall

This take on a Stinger from barman Dustin Newsome of Bar Clacson in Los Angeles (one of our favorite new bars of 2017) swaps out the standard Cognac for an American-made single malt whiskey, which adds a malty-richness to the classic Prohibition-era drink. In another smart move, Newsome substitutes standard crème de menthe with Giffard’s Menthe-Pastille, giving the cocktail a sublime, minty freshness. Balanced and bracing, this is an everyday, all day kind of cocktail.

Clacson Stinger



  • 1.5 oz American Single Malt Whiskey
  • 0.75 oz Giffard Menthe-Pastille
  • Crushed Ice
  • Mint bushel, for garnish
  • Confectioners sugar, for garnish


Step one

In a mixing glass, stir the Giffard Menthe-Pastille and whiskey with cubed ice.

Step two

Fill a rocks glass with pebble ice or crushed ice.

Step three

Using a julep strainer, strain the cocktail over into the glass. Add more crushed ice if needed to fill the glass.

Step four

Garnish with a mint bushel and dust with confectioners sugar.

Contributed by Dustin Newsome