Heavyweight Boxer

Matthew Kelly / Supercall

In this take on a Lion’s Tail—an early 20th century tipple—boxed apple juice takes on a powerful mix of scotch, Applejack and bourbon. The peat-heavy Black Bottle blended scotch perks up the sweet bourbon, while Applejack gives the apple juice some extra heft. The combo lands the little pugilist in a whole new weight class.

Heavyweight Boxer

Sweet, Dry


  • 1 6.75-oz box Apple juice box
  • .75 oz Bourbon
  • .75 oz scotch
  • .75 oz Applejack
  • .25 oz allspice dram
  • .25 oz honey syrup
  • .75 oz lime juice
  • apple slice


Step one

Unfold the top of the apple juice box to access a clean edge to cut. Using scissors, cut horizontally along seam to open box.

Step two

Add 1 oz apple juice to a shaker and discard remaining juice (or reserve for more drinks).

Step three

Add remaining liquid ingredients to the shaker with ice, and shake.

Step four

Strain back into the apple juice box.

Step five

Garnish with an apple slice, and serve with the attached straw.

Contributed by Supercall