Coffee & Croissant

Marisa Chavetz / Supercall

For his French-style Gin & Tonic, Nico de Soto of NYC’s Mace takes a culinarian approach, infusing an important part of French life into the cocktail: breakfast. “A Gin & Tonic can be approached as a base on which you can experiment with flavors from cuisine,” he says. He fat-washes French-made Citadelle Gin with brown butter. “It reminds me of the smell of a warm croissant in the morning,” he says. “And don’t forget what comes with the morning croissant—coffee.” De Soto adds cold brew coffee and a little vanilla syrup to his unique G&T, then garnishes it with a long swath of lemon zest and coffee beans.

Coffee & Croissant




Step one

Add gin, coffee and vanilla syrup to a glass filled with ice.

Step two

Top with tonic and stir.

Step three

Garnish with lemon zest and coffee beans.

Contributed by Nico de Soto