Frenchman in Jalisco

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Turn your hot chocolate up a notch with this tequila-spiked rendition from Houston Eaves of the Downstairs at Esquire in San Antonio, Texas. Herbal Chartreuse combines with añejo tequila and cinnamon-flecked Taza Chocolate Mexicano discs in a Crock-Pot where the big batch drink warms and mellows until you’re ready to drink it. “It just makes for a great drink to share with family and friends during the holiday season,” says Eaves. “It’s easy to prepare, so you have plenty of time (and booze) for conversation, board games and arguments.”




Step one

Add liquid ingredients to slow cooker on low.

Step two

Add chocolate discs after liquid is hot and stir until incorporated.

Step three

Whisk until frothy and ladle into warm mugs. Top with fresh whipped cream.

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