Dark 'N' Stormy

The Dark and Stormy hails from Bermuda, where it is always prepared with the dark-as-tar local rum, Gosling's Black Seal. Should you choose to go with another brand, please know that (a) it better be a rum that can hold its own against a hefty ginger punch and (b) the Gosling’s people are gonna get mad if you call it a Dark and Stormy. In the early 1990s, Gosling’s took the highly unusual step of trademarking the Dark and Stormy, stipulating the drink can only be made with Gosling’s Black Seal. Lest you think them petty, E. Malcolm Gosling Jr. told The New York Times a few years ago, “We defend that trademark vigorously, which is a very time-consuming and expensive thing. That’s a valuable asset that we need to protect.” See? That’s not petty, it’s delusional.

Dark 'N' Stormy

Sweet, Spicy



Step one

Pour rum and fresh lime juice over ice in a Collins glass.

Step two

Top with ginger beer.

Step three

Garnish with a lime wedge.

Contributed by Supercall

Mix It Up!

If you were to consider using another brand of rum in a Dark and Stormy — and by no means are we suggesting you should — we once heard from a guy who heard from another guy that Myers’s dark rum or Mount Gay will do the trick. But you didn’t hear it from us. Angostura bitters makes everything better, especially rum. You can also float 0.5 ounces of Cruzan Blackstrap Rum on top of the drink for extra depth and a little more kick.

Recommended Ginger Beer: Barritts, Gosling, Reed’s