Proud Mary

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Though a frozen Bloody Mary might sound all wrong, this recipe proves that it’s oh, so right. “The spiciness of the jalapeño-infused Tito's vodka playing with the savory tomato juice makes for a unique Bloody Mary experience—especially as the drink warms up on your palate and you get different flavors that come to life,” says Jerry Nevins, who, as cofounder of Kansas City’s Snow & Co and author of Sloshies, is an expert on all things frozen. Instead of just chucking everything into a blender with ice, Nevins adds a small amount of water and a hefty pour of whole milk to the mix before letting the freezer do all the work. The result is spicy, creamy, citrusy and delicious. “Our favorite thing is watching someone taste a drink they think they'll hate, then watching a smile spread across their face as they realize it may be one of their new favorites,” says Nevins.

Proud Mary



  • 1.25 oz water
  • 4.25 oz simple syrup
  • 4.25 oz lemon juice
  • 10 oz Tomato Juice
  • 6.75 oz Jalapeño-Infused Vodka
  • 13.5 oz Milk
  • Lemon wedge
  • Celery stick
  • Spear of cornichon pickle and cherry tomatoes


Step one

Place the water, simple syrup, lemon juice, tomato juice and vodka in a medium-size metal bowl and stir.

Step two

Add the milk to the bowl slowly, using an immersion blender to emulsify the mixture.

Step three

Pour the liquid into a large freezer bag and place it in the freezer until frozen, approximately 4 hours.

Step four

When you’re ready to drink, massage the freezer bag by hand until it’s a wet, slushy consistency. If it’s not breaking up, run the bag quickly under hot water and massage some more.

Step five

Pour the slushy drink into an old-fashioned glass, garnish with a lemon wedge, celery stick and a cherry tomato and pickle spear, and enjoy!

Contributed by Jerry Nevins

Mix It Up!

In Sloshies, Nevins recommends adding to the recipe as you see fit: “Pop in a dash or two of Worcestershire sauce if you’re feeling even more adventurous.”