Space Oddity

Matthew Kelly/Supercall

“I’ve been in a long term relationship with the Sidecar,” says Paul Wainright of Parkside in Austin, Texas. For his variation on the classic cocktail made with orange liqueur, fresh lemon juice and brandy, Wainright switched out the orange liqueur for blue curaçao, and swapped the traditional Cognac for pisco. “Since blue curaçao insinuates tropicalia, I felt a South American brandy would be apropos,” Wainright says. The blue color and swirled bitters reminded Wainright of the lyric “planet earth is blue, and there’s nothing I can do” from the David Bowie song “Space Oddity,” inspiring the cocktail’s name. “I’ve found it a useful mantra in certain situations,” he says. “We have less control than we’d like to admit, and it’s helpful to let go of what we can’t influence and focus on the things we can.” One thing you can definitely control is whether or not you make this cocktail; we encourage you to do so.

Space Oddity

Sweet, Sour


  • 1.5 oz pisco
  • .75 oz Blue Curaçao
  • .5 oz Lemon Juice
  • 1 egg white
  • 2 drops Orange Blossom Water
  • 2 dashes Orange Bitters
  • 3 drops Peychaud's Bitters


Contributed by Paul Wainright