I Got Five On It

Marisa Chafetz / Supercall
Marisa Chafetz / Supercall

This crowd-pleasing punch really will make everyone happy. Made with both tequila and vodka, along with spicy Ancho Reyes liqueur, lychee liqueur, fruity-floral hibiscus and tonic water, it appeals to pretty much everyone—except for folks who only drink straight whiskey, but even they’ll be convinced after a sip. Created by Tiffany Bayless, lead bartender at San Francisco’s International Smoke, the name of the punch not only alludes to the hit song from Bay Area hip hop duo Luniz, but also to the history and tradition of punch. “The word ‘punch’ comes from the Hindi word panc or panch, which means five,” Bayless says. “A true punch usually has five types of ingredients: alcohol, sweet, sour or citrus, spice, and water or ice.” It really makes you think about that song in a whole new way.

I Got Five On It

Spicy, Sweet



Step one

Add all ingredients into a punch bowl or other vessel, and fill with lots of ice.

Step two

Stir to incorporate ingredients together.

Step three

Server in glasses filled with fresh ice. 

Contributed by Tiffany Bayless