Holiday Old Fashioned

Matthew Kelly / Supercall

Made to be sipped slowly—preferably in front a crackling fire with a wool blanket draped over your shoulders and a dog curled at your feet—this seasonal variation on an Old Fashioned is decadent with a capital “D.” Made with Cognac instead of rye whiskey, a small pour of Cherry Heering (a Danish cherry liqueur made with cherry-infused brandy and spices) and both Angostura and Peychaud’s bitters, it tastes like a bite of homemade cherry pie washed down with a swig of a 50-year-old Hennessy. Although the holidays are all about giving, this cocktail may be best reserved for after your guests leave, when you can focus all your energy on enjoying it and relaxing.

Holiday Old Fashioned

Bitter, Dry


  • 2 oz Cognac
  • 0.5 oz Cherry Heering
  • 2 dashes bitters
  • 2 dashes Peychaud's Bitters
  • Orange peel
  • Lemon peel


Step one

In a mixing glass, add the Cognac, Cherry Heering and bitters.

Step two

Fill the mixing glass a quarter of the way with cubed ice.

Step three

Express a large swath of both lemon and orange zest into the mixing glass and drop in. Stir.

Step four

Using a Julep strainer, strain the cocktail into a chilled cordial glass or small footed liqueur glass.

Contributed by Supercall