I Love You So Matcha Recipe

Marisa Chafetz / Supercall

The I Love You So Matcha leans on sake for its alcohol base, making it inherently low alcohol. That means that yes, drinking at the coffee shop is just fine and you don’t need to wait until nighttime (or, let’s be honest, afternoon) to have a drink. The cocktail was created by Wendy Wu, the owner of Wild Chix & Waffles in Austin, to make a boozier version of one of the location’s most popular drinks, the Matcha Latté. “Matcha can be much more than just a tea drink,” Wu says, “it can also be great with booze. The refreshingness of sake perfectly complements the earthiness of matcha.” The key to making the drink just right is to use premium-grade matcha that won’t muddy the cocktail up.

I Love You So Matcha Recipe



  • .75 oz Matcha
  • .75 oz Hot water
  • 2.75 oz Condensed Milk
  • 3.5 oz Sake


Step one

Add matcha and hot water to a pitcher and whisk well.

Step two

Add sake and condensed milk.

Step three

Add ice into a shaker and then pout in matcha mixture.

Step four

Shake and serve in a highball.

Contributed by Wendy Wu