Mezcal Hot Chocolate

Matthew Kelly / Supercall

When Chef Miguel Santiago of Hilton West Palm Beach spotted a guest sipping hot chocolate alongside a shot of tequila beside the hotel’s outdoor fire pit, he was instantly intrigued by the combo. After having a conversation about her libations, he created this boozed-up version of the chocolatey beverage. “I added Bailey’s for balance, and the Grand Marnier meringue gives the drink a citrus twist with a Florida vibe,” he says. Smoky, sweet and citrusy, it’s the perfect libation to warm your bones after a chilling, thrilling day on the slopes.




Step one

Add the mezcal, Bailey’s and hot chocolate to a mug. Stir to combine.

Step two

Top with the Grand Marnier-infused meringue. Using a kitchen torch, lightly toast the meringue. Serve.

Contributed by Miguel Santiago

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