11 Super-Sexy Things You Can Do With Sriracha

sriracha wings
Anthony Humphreys/Thrillist

Rich and spicy, Sriracha -- that chili pepper, vinegar, garlic, and sugar sauce (but you already knew that, right?) -- goes with and enhances effing everything. But aside from simply topping already-made dishes (and our list of the best hot sauces on Earth), it's also a pretty killer ingredient, particularly in these 11 hot, hot recipes below.

Spicy ahi poke
Courtesy of Two Red Bowls

Typically, the chunks of tuna in this Hawaiian dish are simply soy sauce-marinated, but Sriracha mayo is a way better option. Recipe here

Sriracha honey lime chicken
Courtesy of i am a food blog

The tender dark meat is so much more than just a vehicle for consuming the Sriracha honey lime glaze. But it's also mostly a vehicle for consuming the Sriracha honey lime glaze. Recipe here!

The number of ingredients and flavors is a bit disconcerting, but somehow, someway, cashews, ginger, soy sauce, coconut milk, honey, carrots, sesame seeds, fettuccine, and Sriracha find a way to be harmonious. Get the recipe.

Sriracha guacamole hot dog
Courtesy of Damn Delicious

Top that ole standby with Sriracha guacamole. Click, click, click!

Turns out Aunt Jeanne's spinach artichoke dip is dope as a grilled cheese. Get the recipe.

Sriracha caramel corn
Courtesy of Damn Delicious

The subtle heat from the Sriracha is a perfect foil to the sweetness of the sugary corn syrup. Recipe here

Skip the pie crust by using individual Mason jars with cross-hatched puff pastry hats. Recipe here!

Sweet potato fries with Sriracha creme fraiche
Courtesy of A Thought For Food

These taste a whole lot less healthy than they actually are. Here's the recipe.

Soba noodle soup
Courtesy of Feasting at Home

Sriracha's not the star, but the spicy note kicks this miso broth up a notch. Recipe here

Honey-baked Sriracha wings
Courtesy of Damn Delicious

Bake, then broil 'em for a fried texture without the deep fryer. Recipe here.

Jellied cranberry sauce and Sriracha in the same pot sounds horrific, but when that pot is a Crock, anything's possible. Get the recipe!

Carrie Dennis is an associate editor for Thrillist and is a little underwhelmed by Sriracha, if she's being honest. Don't hurt her on Twitter: @CarrrieDennnis.