11 Ways to Eat Velveeta That Aren't Queso Dip

velveeta mac and cheese
Anthony Humphreys/Thrillist

Nary is there an existing foodstuff with the melting properties of Velveeta. The delicious, intriguingly smooth processed cheese is a queso staple, a dip desideratum. But that's not all -- it's also pretty good in donuts. And because of that, here are 10 recipes that use the pasteurized product in ways few others have dared. Try 'em all! Except maybe the fudge one.

Egg Baskets

The egg is INSIDE the muffin!! Get the recipe.

Grilled cheese donuts

Simply layer Velveeta cheese slices with Pillsbury crescent dough and fry 'em up! Recipe here

Redneck quiche

Referring to a delicious, delicious Spam and processed cheese quiche as "redneck" is kind of diminishing, particularly because it's an excellent addition to any low-carb diet, as the author suggests. Recipe here!

Grilled cheese crust pizza

It's a grilled cheese, but it's also a pizza. But it's mostly a grilled cheese. The beauty is you don't have to choose. Recipe here

Doritos-fried queso

These are exactly what you think they are: Doritos-coated, deep-fried cheese balls. Here's the recipe!

Paula Deen chocolate cheese fudge

It's here if you want it. 

Pierogi casserole

Can't go wrong with layers of lasagna pasta, mashed potatoes, and pasteurized cheese product, probably. Recipe here.

Cheddar bacon mac and cheese

There are all kinds of ways to interpret mac and cheese, but it's hard to compete with Velveeta's creaminess. Recipe here

Homemade Velveeta

The best use of cheddar cheese is to reinvent it with gelatin. Here's that recipe!

Grilled cheese fries

Perfect for dipping in slow-cooked stews. Recipe here.

Beef queso dip

You need at least one dip... get it here.

Carrie Dennis is an associate editor for Thrillist and doesn't eat cheese unless it's been processed 3-7 times. Follow her on Twitter: @CarrrieDennnis.