11 Absurdly Delicious Homemade Lasagna Recipes

cheesesteak lasagna
Drew Swantak/Thrillist

Remember those trips to grandma's when you found out she was making lasagna and you were just so effing excited to fight over the crunchy corners of the layers of melty mozzarella, silky noodles, and meat sauce with your whole boisterous, but loving, extended lineage? I don't, because I only have one cousin who lives in Texas, but that's what these 11 perfect lasagna recipes taste like: family.

Lasagna pot pie
Drew Swantak/Thrillist

Lasagna pot pie

Individual lasagne with puff pastry crusts guarantee that every last bite has the perfect ratio of ingredients. Recipe here

Caramelized butternut squash and kale Florentine lasagna

Use no-boil whole-wheat noodle sheets for a surprisingly simple and elevated take on traditional lasagna. Recipe here.

Sloppy Joe lasagna

Add Worcestershire sauce and vinegar to the meat for nostalgic Sloppy Joe flavor. Here's the recipe


Traditionally made with layered eggplant, potato, ground lamb, and cream sauce, this Greek lasagna recipe substitutes those first two ingredients with butternut squash and sweet potato for a mild, sweet flavor. Recipe here.

Rosemary chicken lasagna

With egg-roll wrappers instead of noodles and a rosemary béchamel, this lasagna is like no other you've ever seen before. Recipe here

Lasagna grilled cheese

The sanctioned version of what I already do with my homemade lasagna and garlic bread. Get the recipe!

Philly cheesesteak lasagna
Drew Swantak/Thrillist

Philly cheesesteak lasagna

One of Thrillist's very own original recipes from recipes editor Perry Santanachote pairs provolone with Cheez Whiz because, honestly, why the eff not. Cheez Whiz & beef casserole this way!

Creamy spinach and mushroom lasagna

The recipe is technically meatless, but it's also a pretty great base for leftover chicken/sausage/Spam if you have it. Recipe here.

Zucchini lasagna

Substitute noodles for strips of zucchini, and then convince yourself that the low-carb health benefits are worth it. Get the recipe here

Breakfast lasagna
Drew Swantak/Thrillist

Breakfast lasagna

Uses pancakes for noodles! Recipe here.

One-pot, 30-minute lasagna

For those who don't mind a loose interpretation of lasagna and need a quick fix. The farfalle pasta gets cooked right in the pan. Get the recipe here

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