Next-Level Grilled Pizza Recipes That Are Perfect for Summer

Grilling a pizza is like flossing: It takes some time to learn, but once you master it, people get weirdly impressed and sometimes cast you in Katy Perry videos. Once you’ve got your technique down, the simple act of throwing not-pepperoni on a pie doubles the wow factor. Take a cue from these recipes, and you’ll soon be dropping jaws at a cookout without even trying.

Just because something’s cliche doesn’t meant it can’t be great. Case in point: rappin’ grannies. Other case in point: throwing shrimp on the barbie. This recipe starts that cliche, then ups the ante by throwing said shrimp on an arugula pesto-covered pizza. It’s enough to make an octogenarian get her freak on. Perfecting the Pairing has the rundown here.

Pizza dough is like a palette you can eat, and this recipe embraces that concept, with a bevy of herbs — “whatever you have” in your garden — thrown on top of a crust with some tomatoes and cheese. This can go a lot of ways, depending on your herb garden. Just hope Seth Rogen sees this and invites you over to a BBQ. Get the recipe over at Love & Lemons.

If you’re grilling, there’s a good chance that burgers are invited to the party. This time, why not ditch the store-bought buns -- which you are very likely to burn while trying to toast anyway -- and toss the burger and toppings on a grilled pizza crust instead? It’s amazing how impressed people get when you simply put the expected ingredients on a different vessel. Rock Recipes has the how-to right here.

The Middle Eastern stewed tomatoes/poached eggs dish has become a favorite of brunch tables, but few have thought to transfer it over to a pizza. Until now. And it’s as glorious as it is unexpected. The Modern Proper has the full recipe. 

Squash, eggplant, and zucchini are among the most popular grilled veggies, but taken on their own they’re... kinda boring. Throw them on a pizza inspired by the ever-popular French dish and you can have your veggies and Pixar references on one delicious slice. Macheesmo has the details on this and so much more here.

California Pizza Chicken may have invented the BBQ chicken pizza, but this recipe goes full Buffalo on the concept, loading this beast with chicken, hot sauce, and cheeses both Italian and blue. It’s cheap, it’s delicious, and it has the audacity to do what we all secretly want to do anyway: pair Buffalo chicken with ranch. Shots fired. Savoring the Good breaks it all down here.

There are those among us who say you can’t get a good cheesesteak outside of Philly. Those people can stay at their own cookout, watching thin-sliced rib-eye fall through their grill grates. We’ll be chowing down on this pizza version instead. Feel free to add Whiz for dipping on the side. Erica’s Recipes has the breakdown right here.

Fact: Throwing grilled asparagus on anything automatically makes it three times fancier. And the presence of ricotta gives off the illusion that somebody invited their nonna over to work the grill... in between games of cornhole, of course. Nonna can toss like a champ. Get the full recipe over at Rachel Cooks.

We’re not saying that this thing renders Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza obsolete, but it does have a base made of grilled polenta topped with bounty of corn, beans, peppers, and mushrooms. So actually, yeah, this renders the T-Bell version obsolete. Fire up the grill and get the whole recipe at Edible Perspective.

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