15 Totally Inventive Recipes Based on BBQ Chicken

Chicken straight off the grill smothered in sauce is totally appetizing on its own, which stands to reason that it could seamlessly become the underpinning of other delicious dishes. Such is the case with these 15 bangin' recipes. From pizza to taquitos to pasta, we can't get enough barbecue chicken-inspired foods.

BBQ chicken-stuffed mushrooms

A barbecue chicken- and pepper Jack cheese-stuffed ‘shroom is absolutely a ‘shroom worth eating. Recipe here.

Boneless oven-baked chicken wings

These Asian-style wings (think hoisin, ginger, and honey) make all other wings obsolete. Just kidding! Every wing is special. Just some more than others. Recipe here!

BBQ chicken nachos with buttermilk onion rings

Shredded BBQ chicken breast and white cheddar queso on nachos is already a good move, but ONION RINGS really seal this deal. Isn't this recipe pretty?

Caramelized onion and BBQ chicken stromboli

Pizza + sandwich = stromboli, basically. Recipe here!

Hawaiian BBQ chicken taquitos

This easy slow-cooker recipe is topped with pineapple salsa and oozes cheese. Get the recipe here.

BBQ chicken pizza

The crust is made from cauliflower, which is healthy, so go ahead and eat the whole damn thing. CPK be damned!

BBQ chicken grilled cheese sandwich

Just when you thought grilled cheese couldn’t get more amazing, it gets... erm... amazing-er with the addition of grilled chicken breasts. Recipe here.

BBQ margarita chicken tostadas

These ridiculous tostadas mix boozy barbecue chicken with a sweet jalapeño salsa and Mexican fries. Here's the recipe.

Honey BBQ chicken enchiladas

Enchilada game = STRONG. You know you want this recipe...

Slow-cooker BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches

Keep your slow cooker handy year-round to make sandwiches like this with practically zero effort. Get that recipe.

BBQ chicken dip

If you skip the chips and just grab a spoon, we won’t judge you. Here it is!

BBQ bacon chicken sliders

Bacon and BBQ chicken make for one killer slider that’s ready in <30 minutes. Recipe here!

One-pot BBQ chicken pasta

The name says it all. Recipe here.

BBQ chicken and ranch pizza

Ranch dressing is the not-so-secret secret ingredient here, and we’re not complaining. Recipe here

Cheesy BBQ chicken bacon pinwheels

Heaven is real, and these pinwheels are proof. Open the gates!

Christine Fischer is a freelance writer dedicated to a strict diet of Champagne, cookies, and the occasional pizza. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.