Drool Over These 9 Nutella Cake Recipes

It doesn't matter if it's cascading over a fat stack of pancakes, stuffed into French toast, or even infused with weed, because magical chocolate-hazelnut Nutella makes everything better. Particularly cakes. Particularly these nine insanely delicious cakes. So grab a jar of the good stuff and get baking!

Courtesy of The Kitchen McCabe

In addition to being super simple, this five-minute mug cake combines Nutella, banana, and mini chocolate chips for an instant dessert fix. Get it here.

Christine Fischer/Thrillist

Use less oil and cocoa powder than traditional chocolate recipes because the whisked-in Nutella makes up for both! Recipe here!

The spongecake base is made with Nutella, and the icing is straight Nutella. You can't really get more Nutella in this cake.

Courtesy of Bakers Royale

When more intensive cakes are just too time-consuming, this one's ready to eat in just one hour. Find it here.

Courtesy of Half Baked Harvest

The carrot here basically just makes these lil' cupcakes extra moist -- all the chocolate completely masks the flavor. Recipe here!

Courtesy of Cooking for Keeps

NUTELLA + CHEESECAKE + BISCOFF?! Say no more -- it’s here.

Substitute a ganache topping with a couple tablespoons of Nutella! Recipe here.

Courtesy of Damn Delicious

Eat it for breakfast because you're an autonomous adult now. Recipe here!

Courtesy of Half Baked Harvest

This is stretching the cake theme a bit, but one look and you’re not going to care. Click it!

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