9 Totally Tasty Ways to Eat Weed

pot brownies
Perry Santanachote/Thrillist

Years ago, some friends and I baked a whole bunch of special brownies for our sorority sisters on a highly anticipated ski trip with a top-tier frat. All the girls ended up sitting inside watching The Notebook and eating dry cereal for 36 hours, and, boy, were those party boys pissed. It was a pretty good weekend. 

Being able to bake edibles is a skill and a gift, you guys. Use it correctly with these nine recipes.

Perry Santanachote/Thrillist


This is what makes all this stuff happen. You cannot make the food before you make the cannabutter. Here's how.


Marijuana-infused beer

Multitask by drinking a pot IPA. Recipe here!

Strawberry banana pot pancakes

Just like Mom's Sunday morning specialty! Except they get you high. Get the recipe.

Marijuana-infused banana ice cream

First step is to add the grass to the cream-butter starter. The rest is a pinch. Recipe here

Cannabis cornbread
Perry Santanachote/Thrillist

Cannabis cornbread

There's something pretty special about homemade edibles that you can't buy at a dispensary. Pair this perfectly cannabuttery bread with a slow-cooked chili. Get the recipe!

Pot mac and cheese

"Mix desired amount of bud into milk and and (sic) butter mug, and then microwave that shit for four minutes," the author instructs.

pot brownie
Perry Santanachote/Thrillist

Not-Maureen Dowd Pot Brownie

Unlike every pot brownie you've ever tried that's rendered you immobile for three days and convinced you you're dead, these'll just give you a comfy buzz. Recipe here

Baked Brie

The melted cannabutter-brushed phyllo dough gives this old-school appetizer an edge. Just try not to eat all 1,500 calories in one sitting. Here's the recipe.

Cannabis caramels

You'll need a whole cup of cannabutter, so these are for experienced users only! Suck safely. Recipe here.

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