11 Inventive Takes on the Traditional Margarita Recipe

Published On 04/29/2015 Published On 04/29/2015
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You know the original -- tequila, triple sec, lime juice -- and you also know the travesty/exquisiteness of a SeƱor Frog's frozen margarita and its giant, plastic-cupped ilk. So, because almost anything with tequila can be considered a margarita, let's meet in the middle with these 11 super-creative homemade margarita interpretations.

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Citrus margarita with lemon, lime, and ginger rim

The citrus zest rim jazzes up this simple grapefruit juice concoction. Recipe here!

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Pineapple margarita

For those who don't actually like tequila, but love juice. Get the recipe here.

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Strawberry jalapeƱo margarita

Muddle all the elements and strain for a refreshing summer drink with a kick! Recipe here

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Rosemary grapefruit margarita

Savory rosemary actually pairs quite nicely with sugared-up grapefruit juice. Get the recipe.

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Cranberry margarita

With the addition of lemon-lime soda it's almost more of a cranberry cooler, but it's got tequila so it's definitely a margarita. Recipe here.

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Grapefruit margarita with cucumber

Cucumber adds a secondary fresh element. Add crushed ice if you're feelin' fancy. Get the recipe here!

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Firecracker berry margarita float

Blueberries, strawberries, honey, Cointreau, lemon-lime soda water, vanilla ice cream... tequila. This recipe is definitely a margarita!!

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Chambord margarita

Chambord -- a red and black raspberry, Madagascar vanilla, and XO Cognac liqueur -- gives an otherwise standard margarita a sweet twist. Here's the recipe.

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Pineapple cinnamon margarita

Spice it up with a pinch of cinnamon, enjoy with disco taquitos. Get the recipe

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Spicy rosemary rhubarb margarita

Turns out rhubarb has more uses than just in a pie. Just make sure it's in season so this blended cocktail really counts. Recipe here!

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Apple cinnamon margarita

The apple juice and cinnamon add an interesting note, and it does have tequila, but honestly, I'm having trouble keeping up this charade. Tasty Tex-Mex this way!

Carrie Dennis is an associate editor for Thrillist and likes her margaritas how she likes her men: simple with crushed ice. Follow her on Twitter: @CarrrieDennnis.



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