Honey Buzz Milk Punch


While the original Milk Punch was birthed in England, New Orleans adopted it as its own. Now, it can be found on menus in bars and restaurants across the French Quarter and beyond. At SoBou, bar chef Laura Bellucci respects faithful stalwarts serving up the OG version, but prefers to have a little fun with her own recipe. Inspired by the milky base, Bellucci added dairy’s perfect partner, cereal, to the mix. She infuses rum with Honey Nut Cheerios, then sweetens the pot with a few dashes of Holiday Pie Bitters, and garnishes each serving with a skewer of Cheerios. “It’s a little spiced, creamy, breakfast treat,” she says. “Tastes like grown-up cereal milk.”

Honey Buzz Milk Punch




Step one

Combine equal parts crushed Cheerios, sugar and cinnamon, and mix.

Step two

Rim a lowball glass with honey, then roll in Cheerio-cinnamon sugar mixture and set aside.

Step three

Add all liquid ingredients to a shaker tin with ice, and shake.

Step four

Strain into the rimmed glass and garnish with a skewer of Cheerios.

Contributed by Laura Bellucci