The Harry Rico

Matthew Kelly / Supercall

The classic, all-American breakfast of sunny side up eggs, bacon and toast is a hangover killer, a belly filler and an all-around no-brainer when it comes to Sunday morning eats. Such a savory start to the day is begging for a light, effervescent cocktail that’ll add sweetness to the mix and cut through some of the fatty goodness. Chef Antoine Westermann of New York’s Le Coq Rico knows a thing or two about expertly-prepared eggs and exactly what to pair with them. “The Harry Rico uses flavorful passion fruit purée to brighten the morning and give an acidic balance to all of brunch's rich delights,” he says. “I love using thyme with fruits like passion fruit, apricot and peaches because it’s a flavor combination that connects us to sunny memories and boosts the mood, too.” This low-ABV sipper is especially perfect if you want a hair of the dog remedy that won’t knock you off your feet.

The Harry Rico




Step one

Add passion fruit purée to a champagne flute.

Step two

Fill with sparkling wine and top with a dash of thyme syrup

Step three

Garnish with a thyme sprig.

Contributed by Antoine Westermann