The Freds x La Colombe XO Coffee Cocktail

Marisa Chafetz / Supercall

When two iconic East Coast institutions decide to collaborate on a cocktail, the result is pure magic. Ask any coffee snob in New York, Philly or Washington D.C. how they feel about La Colombe, and they’ll likely gush about their expertly-roasted beans and unique caffeinated concoctions. But even we’ll admit there’s one thing missing from their drinks: booze. That all changed when shopping mecca Barneys New York asked the coffee company to collaborate on a cocktail for restaurant Freds at Barneys Downtown. This twist on the White Russian swaps out vodka for tropical rum and adds hazelnut liqueur to the mix for an extra nutty finish. With La Colombe Vanilla Draft Latte as the base, this cocktail is our new go-to when we need a swift kick of caffeine or want to drink our dessert after an especially fancy lunch.

The Freds x La Colombe XO Coffee Cocktail



  • 4 oz La Colombe Vanilla Draft Latte
  • 1 oz Frangelico
  • 2 oz Rum
  • .5 oz Kahlúa
  • coffee beans


Step one

Add all ingredients, save for the garnish, to a shaker tin with ice.

Step two

Shake and strain into a chilled coupe glass.

Step three

Garnish with three coffee beans.

Contributed by Freds at Barneys Downtown and La Colombe