Slippery Nipple

Patrick Spears / Supercall

The Slippery Nipple was likely invented during the 1980s when interest peaked in suggestive drinks, including the most famous—the vodka-spiked Sex on the Beach. While there are a few different variations on the layered shot—some of which have liqueur-appropriate names like the Buttery Nipple (with butterscotch schnapps) and the Fuzzy Nipple (with peach schnapps)—the original recipe uses only two ingredients: Italian sambuca and Irish cream. Make this sweet and creamy shot at home so you don’t have to go through the embarrassing ordeal of ordering one from a bartender.



  • .5 oz Sambuca
  • .5 oz Irish cream
  • Cherry


Step one

Pour Sambuca into a shot glass.

Step two

Layer Irish cream on top.

Contributed by Supercall

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Mix It Up!

For an extra-sweet hit, start with a quarter-ounce of grenadine layered on the bottom of the shot.

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