The Summer 2017

Matthew Kelly / Supercall

Like Babe Ruth calling a home run, Naren Young of NYC’s Dante is calling the fate of this cocktail by naming it The Summer 2017. The sparkling cocktail is certainly summery, checking off all the warm-weather drink requirements. Watermelon? Check. Strawberries? Check. Rosé? Double check—both sparkling rosé and Lillet Rosé make an appearance. It’s a pink drink done right.

While the salted strawberry rhubarb-cordial does take some effort, it’s worth it. Try the leftover cordial mixed simply with soda water or give it as a gift.




Step one

Shake Lillet, vodka, strawberry-rhubarb cordial, lemon juice, bitters and watermelon juice with ice.

Step two

Strain into a Highball glass over fresh ice.

Step three

Top with sparkling rosé.

Contributed by Naren Young

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