Spice Trader

Brian Miller, New York’s own tiki pirate and the founder of Tiki Mondays across the city, usually serves this spiced concoction nestled in a double old-fashioned glass filled with smoking dry ice. Home bartenders, though, can skip the special effects. The drink’s richly fruity flavors are impressive enough.



  • 1.5 oz Jägermeister
  • .5 oz Cana Brava rum
  • .5 oz orange juice
  • .5 oz lime juice
  • .5 oz Don’s Spices #4
  • .5 oz Don’s Spices #2
  • Long orange twist, for garnish


Step one

Pour all of the ingredients except for the garnish into a shaker tin with four ice cubes and shake.

Step two

Strain into a highball glass, top with crushed ice and garnish with the orange twist.

Contributed by Brian Miller

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