Matthew Kelly/Supercall

Sometimes a Moscow Mule is just too “meh” to sway a non-vodka-drinker into giving the neutral spirit a chance. But this twist on the classic from Sushi Seki in NYC takes the spritzy cocktail to the next level by infusing it with two exotic ingredients: myoga (aka Japanese ginger) and sudachi, a sour Japanese citrus that can be used in place of lemons and limes. The two bright and vibrant flavors add just enough intrigue to entice those opposed to vodka. Plus, it’s incredibly food-friendly (especially if that food is sushi), so you can slip one of these to your vodka-hating friend at dinner without them even pausing to question it. “I think it’s the perfect drink for the summer,” says Rick Zouad, beverage and service director at Sushi Seki. “It’s very refreshing and it will cut through the pieces [of sushi] you’re eating.” Who can argue with a sushi spread and cocktails?

Note: You can buy sudachi juice online, and find myoga at most Japanese grocery stores.





Step one

Pour infused vodka and sudachi juice into an old-fashioned glass over one large ice cube.

Step two

Top with ginger beer and stir.

Step three

Squeeze one lime wedge into the drink.

Step four

Garnish with myoga slices and the second lime wedge.

Contributed by Rick Zouad