Strawberry Julep

Strawberry Julep
Marisa Chafetz

It’s possible the only time you ever enjoy a good Julep is one day a year during the Kentucky Derby. If that’s true, then you’re just not getting the most out of one of the great classic cocktails from the early days of American mixology. In his book, The Bon Vivant’s Companion, Jerry Thomas calls the Julep “a peculiarly American beverage.” And it has since engrained itself as a favorite of the American South. Designed to be sipped slowly over a long period of time, a Julep’s bed of crushed ice melts into the drink cutting the strength of the heavy pour of alcohol. It’s perfect for warm weather drinking—but it’s even better when you add sweet, juicy fruits like strawberries.

For our Strawberry Julep we use a strawberry syrup. That means that you will need to do a little advanced planning since the syrup needs to infuse for 24 hours. But believe us when we say it is the best way to get a fruity flavor into the cocktail. And while nothing can quite compare to the feel of an icy, metal julep cup in your hand, you don’t need to go buy any new gear to enjoy one of these. A rocks glass will work just fine. While this Strawberry Julep might not replace the minty classic on Derby Day, you’ll surely be grateful for it on a hot summer day.

Strawberry Julep




Step one

Add strawberry syrup and mint leaves to a chilled julep cup (or rocks glass) and muddle.

Step two

Fill the cup halfway with crushed ice.

Step three

Add bourbon.

Step four

Top with more crushed ice

Step five

Garnish with a split strawberry and mint sprig.

Contributed by Supercall