Tequila Martini

Marisa Chafetz
Marisa Chafetz

The Martini is not a drink that needs to be changed. The treacly abominations of the 1990s that co-opted the name for more than a decade could have ruined Martinis forever. The Chocolate Martini, the Appletini, the Pink Martini—they’re enough to drive a Martini drinker to the whiskey bottle. Fortunately, the classic came back in fashion just in time. So we understand why you might raise your eyebrows at a version of the Martini that uses neither gin nor vodka, the ingredients that compose more than 80 percent of the drink. But hear us out: using tequila in their place makes a delicious version of the classic.

Other than using a blanco tequila as the base spirit, the recipe for this Martini-esque cocktail is exactly the same as a classic gin or vodka Martini—that is five parts tequila, one part dry vermouth, stirred and served up. Garnish with a lime rather than a lemon twist as a nod to the traditional pairing of agave and lime juice.

The Tequila Martini is actually a great gateway for people who wish they could sip tequila straight but are overwhelmed by the potent agave flavors. The vermouth cuts them ever so slightly, and trying the drink ice cold makes it downright refreshing (as opposed to a tequila shot, which is downright not). Call it a Martini or don’t. Just make sure you drink it.

Tequila Martini




Step one

Pour tequila and vermouth into a mixing glass and add ice.

Step two

Stir and strain into a chilled coupe glass.

Step three

Garnish with an lime twist.

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Recommended Tequilas: Go with a bottle that has more vegetal or mineral notes rather than fruity ones. Try Family Camarena, Codigo 1530 Blanco or Calle 23 Blanco.