Fernet Float

Matthew Kelly/Supercall

If the sarsaparilla spice of root beer is too much for you, Coke floats are the way to go. This spiked float from Marianna Reynolds of Chicago’s El Che Bar, combines the syrupy-sweet classic with another go-to Coke cocktail, Fernet and Coke. For an extra decadent touch, Reynolds tops the easy-drinking float with a dollop of fruit compote and candied almonds.

Fernet Float

Bitter, Sweet


  • 2-3 scoops vanilla ice cream
  • 2 oz Fernet
  • 1 bottle Mexican Coca-Cola
  • Fruit compote and candied almonds


Step one

Add ice cream to a sundae glass, add Fernet and top with Mexican Coca-Cola.

Step two

Garnish with fruit compote and candied almonds.

Step three

Serve with a straw and the rest of the bottle of Mexican Coca-Cola. Replenish as needed.

Contributed by Marianna Reynolds