Trefoil Old Fashioned

Matthew Kelly/Supercall

The Trefoil will never let you down. Delicious without being flashy, the traditional shortbread cookie made famous by the Girl Scouts deserves a cocktail that’s just as iconic and just as simple. This Trefoil Old Fashioned evokes buttery shortbread with brown butter fat-washedbourbon, with some added sweetness from homemade vanilla sugar and orange bitters. The crushed up shortbread rim gives it a whimsical touch. Whip one up and earn your classic cocktail badge.




Step one

Crush shortbread cookies finely into a powder. Rim an old-fashioned glass a half-inch deep in simple syrup, and roll the glass in the shortbread crumbs.

Step two

Muddle vanilla bean sugar and orange bitters at the bottom of the glass.

Step three

Add one large ice cube, top with brown butter bourbon and stir.

Contributed by Supercall