Unicorn Spritz

This striking take on a Tom Collins takes the classic gin drink from tasty to magical with the addition of color-changing butterfly pea flower tea. Brewed with water, the tea turns a vivid blue, but mixed with acidic lemon juice, it transforms into a shock of magenta. Use the leftover mild-flavored, bright blue tea ice cubes to add a bright blast of color to any drink, from a simple Vodka Tonic to a Paloma.

Sweet, Sour



Step one


Step two

Brew the butterfly pea flower tea by steeping 2 heaping tsp in 2 cups of boiling water for 3-5 minutes until it becomes deep blue. Set 2 oz aside, then pour the rest into an ice cube tray and freeze.

Step three

Rim a highball glass in simple syrup and then in colored sugar (pinks, blues and purples).

Step four

Add the blue tea cubes to the glass.

Step five

Shake reserved 2 oz of blue tea with gin, simple syrup and ice.

Step six

Strain into the rimmed highball.

Step seven

Top with soda water, leaving room at the top for the lemon juice.

Step eight

Slowly pour the lemon juice into the cocktail, then stir and watch the cocktail change from blue to magenta.

Contributed by Supercall