Sales Rundown

DC Chillin Gear:Durkl443 Eye St NW; ChinatownNow hawking District-born streetwear out of their newly opened Chinatown shop, Durkl's taking 25-40% off crewneck sweaters, denim, and jackets like the checkered "Gridlock Windbreaker" -- or, what your disgusted carpool mates call you every morning at 9.Or do it the old fashioned way, at

Status Jean-y Gear:Denim Bar1101 South Joyce Street; Arlington; 703.414.8202The Virginian jeanery's slashed 1/2 off handsome leggings from 5EP, Helmut Lang, Acne, and the curiously named Nobody, the only denim brand with lower self-esteem than Acne.Ironically, one of the few bars where you're encouraged to take your pants off, at

Custom Clothier'd Gear:Eric Finn1732 Connecticut Ave; Dupont CircleFrom now 'til New Years, the vaunted suit maker's giving Thrillist readers $45 off shirts and 20% off fully custom suits, which have been praised by everyone from Clinton Portis to crime-stopper John Walsh, who hilariously once tried to enlist Sheriff Gonna Getcha to track down some pervert named "Coach Janky Spanky".They're by appointment only, even for you, so check out, and call 202.232.3042 or email to set something up

Streetz Gear:Stussy Store1781 Florida Ave NW; Adams MorganThe streetwear giant's pushing out its fall gear harder than a steroid'd military press, cutting 20% off all fall buttondowns (from standard Oxfords to the red/black "Buffalo Plaid") and accessories (hats/bags/belts); classic chinos from their higher-end "Delux" collection are also knocked down by $45, meaning you can now both rock "the cuff n' the crease", and afford "the groceries n' the rent".And you've still got love for the streets, at

Whale-Pattern Gear:Sherman Pickey1647 Wisconsin Ave; Georgetown; 202.333.4212The unapologetically preppy Gtown boutique's taken nearly 80% off on printed blue and seersucker pants from Bill's Khakis, 60% off Vineyard Vines seersuckers, and ~40% off patched pants, embroidered shorts, and blazers (savings of $300) from Lilly Pulitzer, whose gear Vanity Fair once called "preppy psychedelia" (ascot: bold as love)

Handsome Gear:Brooks Brothers1201 Connecticut Ave NW; Dupont Circle This weekend only, the side-part-worthy haberdasher is taking 15% (25% w/ BB charge card) off all in-store merchandise, in an unpublicized "courtesy event" spread "only by word of mouth"...and word of email newsletter.You're now in the inner circle of high-quality, fairly priced menswear, at