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Because you need a horrible logo, and he needs beer money

A memorable logo can do wonders, like CBS's open eye successfully reminding millions of them to stay glued to it...though that may actually be due to the razor-sharp writing in The Big Bang Theory -- it's hilarious! Get one so heinous it'll be burned into its observers' retinas forever, with Horrible Logos.

Started as a spoof on internet-only outfits undercutting more-pedigreed design companies, the dude behind Laguna Niguel-based HL sketches hilariously awful logos on request (strictly limiting himself to 5 minutes per) for a measly $5, which he equates to money for one beer, meaning dude's already let this thing go to his head. Logos range from a comically-literal diagram of a small paper sheet overlaid by a bigger one for Enlarge Media Group, to an awesomely-uninspired hot dog for a company called Always Be Frank, to a design for GTG Screen Printing with the letters arranged to (unintentionally!) resemble a "fat a** sitting on a stool", though it's luckily devoid of actual stool, as you never know when those guys gtg. They've also just started offering gross, synth/bad-drum-machine-backed Horrible Jingles ($10, they'll spend 10 minutes max) like the Action Booth tune that echo-whispers "something to do with dynamic event photography...", the Super Paper Towels rap "It's so good/cleans up the mess/made of paper/that's how we do it with our paper", and another piece instructing listeners to get "Ox-y Horny" for a hostel in Vietnam of the same name -- actually, they ought to check out the Super Paper Towels jingle.

If you're searching for the best worst jingle ever, just scroll down to a recently made earsplitting rap about a certain email newsletter perfect for those wanting to see "articles so fresh", though if you're looking for particles so fresh, check out The Big Bang Theory, Thursdays 8/7c -- it's so funny!

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