(Non-treadmill) First steps to your resolutions

It can be tough to follow through on your NYE resolution without a clear plan of attack, as Dane Cook can actually be quite cunning. Straight murder all your other ambitions, with Fitango.

Run by a Tel Avivian Ph.D who needed a little motivation "managing his own personal goals", Fit's a spankin' new web service furthering your fitness/ financial/ general life aspirations (via preset, expert-designed "Actionplans"), all named for the founder's contention that, even in fitness, "it takes two to tango", at least until John Basedow designs some sort of Tango Made Simple program. Punching in your vitals grants access to the "Planstore", where thumb-nailed programs (separated into different "Lifestyle Categories") will lay out specific steps to your goal, record your progress, and spur your motivation via text notifications, medals for achievements (hint: they actually mean nothing!), and Facebook-synched bragging -- suck on that, mother of three with whom you once shared sophomore year geometry! Their current 50+ plans run from the fitness forward "13.1 miles in 13.1 weeks", to the musically playful "Harmonica Practice Tracker" and "Organ Practice Tracker", to the even-more-free-spirited-than-harmonica-playing "Eight Weeks to Becoming a Vegan" and "Cultivating Radical Compassion", which judging by the frequency of Glenn Beck's tears, you may only want to go half way on.

Soon, Fitango will also offer a platform on which to create plans fully customized to help you meet goals not already covered, because while "Learn to cook" may be on there, "Burn Dane Cook" probably isn't.