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Big Bear cruelly tempts a San Diegan populace ill-equipped to weather the cold, mainly due to our unfamiliarity with "weather". Stylishly bundle up and get familiar, with Spacecraft

Its name conceived in a Bangkok taxi, Seattle-based Craft's dropping a collection of snow-friendly, oft-outlandish outerwear and accessories just in time for Big Bear's best opening in recent memory, and evolved from "an effort to bring the magical feeling of the mountains into the city", apparently not realizing that Horton Plaza 14 already screened Return to Witch Mountain like over a year and a half ago. Torsonic warmth comes via a schlew of plaid/ woven flannels, as well as chin-zip hoodies like the thumb hole-cuffed "Treeline" with silhouetted canopies acting as off-kilter stripes, a tamer fleece-paneled/ quilted charcoal number, and a totally-not-tamer conspiracy-themed joint (with a laser-rifling astronaut standing on Fortress of Solitude-esque crystals below the all-seeing eye) dubbed the "Myth Trooper", meaning finally, your beach-going girlfriend won't be the only one wearing a totally cute cover-up! The new drop's also loaded with accessories, from whacky belts (like a turf-printed "Grass Belt" and the Tron-esque "Circuit Board Belt"), to a handful of Kushy, slope-handy, "Jet Packs"/ "420 Packs" including one whose grass exterior subtly hints at its contents, to gators/ bandannas/ beanies including the rasta-colored "Offender" hat, which, provided the proper documentation, your 420 Pack no longer makes you

For full headiness, they've got a collection of insane ski-masks including the bunny-eared "Road Kill 2", the fake-bearded "The Scout", and the lucha-patterned "El Diablo", not to be confused with the one pattern capable of occasionally bringing SD weather.

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