Nick Potash Custom Jewelry

Wearing jewelry can make some bold statements: Silly Bandz say 'I don't care', while puka shells say 'I'm from Arizona', and thus "no one cares about me". For legitimately bad*ss mewelry that you will actually care about, check out the work of Nick Potash.A La Jolla-born artist now based in Venice Beach, Potash creates intricately detailed man-dornaments that look like unearthed treasure, all of which he covers in ancient symbols (skulls for mortality, anchors for stability, etc.) traced from "the ancient birthplaces of art and culture" -- you suck again, Arizona. All pieces are lost-wax casted (a traditional method with designs carved out of wax and used to make molds), with crazier works including the sterling silver/brass Folding Knife Pendant with an anchor on one side and the blade engraved with the flowering symbol of life; the Mariner's Two Finger Ring with sterling waves illustrating life's uncertainty and a bronze shark fin for temptation, and custom Bic lighter cases covered with snakes, pyramids surrounded by pentagrams, and anchors; all three of which would be perfect for Robert Langdon...in that you could stab him/punch him/set him on fire. More neck bling-age ranges from authentic pre-1920's scrimshaw pieces (old whaler art carved into the bones of their catch) like a bronze anchor pendant, to "Heart in a Cage", with a red garnet heart in a pirate-y prison, to a necklace with a skull'd booze bottle and diamond-eyed serpent called "Snake & Bottle", something for those that've graduated past the worm.He's also down to make you a custom piece "from the ground up", with past examples on his blog including one for Steve Aoki with a snake-covered record and the words "Dim Mak" (death touch), a reference to both his record label and preferred method of dealing with kids at ASU shows.