Is there any other kind?

Because vans really only come in two versions: suspicious or suspicious, opt for the latter with Suspicious Van, a San Diego-based site dedicated exclusively to “finding them, documenting them, and in an odd way, cherishing them -- before they show up on Nancy Grace”, presumably to rail against the injustice of the Casey Anthony verdict. The cream of the sketchy crop includes: Moral Conflict Van: This extended-cab Baptist church van, scrawled with “Jesus is Lord” on the back end, is shown conveniently parked right next to the stairs of an adult bookstore, though honestly it's probably not their first communion. Whorticulture Van: Showcasing a ride that probably didn't have a strong opinion about Prop 19, SV says: “When an elaborate graphic on the side of a van alludes to drug use, slave labor, and prostitution, no need (to) caption”. Oops!Can't Get Out of the Van: Looking sort of like a DIY amphibious vehicle, this mega-creepy human-smuggler has the back and side cargo doors permanently welded shut presumably to dampen the sound of chainsawsfinally fix that damned latch problem.