San Fernando Valley Illegal Soapbox Federation Race

The problem with watching professional sports is there's usually an overabundance of competence, making thrilling, cataclysmic accidents all-too-rare. For something more amateur and unpredictably dangerous check out the San Fernando Valley Illegal Soapbox Federation Race, this Sunday.Once a month, March through December, the Fed's cadre of anarchic jackasses come together to ride their fleetest cardboard-and-tin creations to rickety glory. While they have a couple of tried-and-true courses, this week's race is on uncharted asphalt; according to organizer Paul de Valera, these are the 3 hairiest sections to watch: 1. The first curve: Where most accidents happen, as it's frequently the first point where racers use their steering/brakes/helmets.2. The big curve: Because of the high g-forces, heavier racers suddenly find themselves forced to slow down or skid out -- yet another situation where God has turned his back on Louie Anderson.3. Victory Blvd: This final steep stretch will see the race's highest speeds. The cars' durability will be put to the ultimate test as racers rub wheels, bolts wiggle loose, tires burst, and Captain Caveman savagely beats Huckleberry Hound with a rock.The first race of the day (7am) is for honor and title, with subsequent races and time trials lasting until the police arrive to round everybody up, and the truly dangerous amateurism begins.Check out the video and more details