San Francisco
2. Saru Sushi Bar
Noe Valley

This tiny Noe Valley sushi bar is a popular date spot, but now that it has outdoor seating, it attracts the stroller set as well. Kids, no kids, married, single—what all of the patrons have in common here is an appreciation for the friendly staff, high-quality sushi, affordable prices, and its tasting spoons (two smaller portions of the chef’s creative appetizers). The watermelon roll (named because it looks like a watermelon, not because it includes it as an ingredient) is also a fun order as it makes for a great pic and tastes delicious.
How to book: Walk in or order pickup online.

3. Wako
Inner Richmond

Wako’s much-deserved one Michelin star is a result of the incredibly thoughtful and almost immaculate experience diners have from start to finish. The wood-filled space has a sushi bar and tables (you want the sushi bar) where you can order from the a la carte menu or do a tasting ($86). We recommend the tasting, which is ten pieces of sushi and a small bite dish (and if the Wagyu isn’t one of the pieces, do not walk out of there without adding it on).
How to book: online.

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