San Francisco
1. Abanico Coffee Roasters

The classic espresso and pour-over coffee drinks at this colorful coffee shop owned by Ana Valle, a coffee connoisseur from El Salvador, are made with beans roasted in house. But you’re not here to drink those (though they are great), you’re here to drink one of the fabulous, well-balanced, and flavorful signature coffee drinks, like a café con leche (a latte sweetened with condensed milk and sprinkled with cinnamon) or a café con coco y choco (a latte sweetened with condensed coconut milk and sprinkled with ground cacao).

3. Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters
Cow Hollow

Will it be impossible to get the Miley Cyrus song out of your head after you stop by this tiny shop on Union Street? Yes. But it’s totally worth it for the sustainably-sourced, well-balanced hand-crafted pour-over coffee served here. (One of the owners is credited with inventing the term "third wave" coffee and the other—her husband—is known for being one of the best baristas in the country). The shop has Instagram-friendly pineapple wallpaper and only a couple of seats at the bar and a few tables outside, so it's more of a place to meet a friend for a chat (and maybe split a buttery croissant from Le Marais Bakery) than a place to settle in with your laptop. As far as what to order, the go-to is the iced cappuccino, but if you're a fan of hot chocolate, you'll want to order that. (Just add a shot of espresso if you also need a caffeine boost.)

4. Sextant Coffee Roasters

Sextant was founded by Kinani Ahmed, a first-generation Ethiopian, who works directly with growers across Ethiopia, Kenya, and Colombia. The name comes from a tool used by sailors to navigate, as a symbol of how coffee was first transported out of Africa, as well as the commitment to finding the best beans possible. All of the beans are roasted in SF and are “neither too light or too dark,” so if you’re feeling a little like Goldilocks, this is the spot to hit up.

6. Andytown Coffee Roasters
Outer Sunset and SoMa

If there’s one thing you need after a walk along Ocean Beach, it’s a cup of coffee to warm your insides. The place to procure said cup is at one of Andytown’s four Outer Sunset locations. Andytown roasts its beans (carefully sourced from smallholder producers who value sustainability) in house and boasts a pretty straightforward coffee selection, with one exception: The Snowy Plover (sparkling water over ice, a shot of espresso, brown sugar syrup, and housemade whipped cream). It’s like an espresso cream soda, and there’s a matcha version as well. And you might as well get one of the insanely popular breakfast sandwiches made with bacon, ham, a cage-free soft egg, cheddar, and mayo on griddled pan de mie.

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